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Big Data Analytics

Big data Analytics is a big process where the different data sets are examined in a unique manner. The unknown correlations can help the organizations to reach its business decisions in a better way. Big Data is used to identify new opportunities and helps the industries also to reach their next level. Hence, automatically the business moves in a smarter way, the operations will be executed in an efficient way, happier customers and higher profits etc.

The real fact is that the concept of big data came into existence a few years ago and most of the organizations capture the data that is essential for their businesses and they can get more significant value from it. In the olden days, the businesses were using the basic analytics in order to uncover the insights and trends.

Hadoop is an open source software framework where it can store a large amount of data and applications on cluster format. The greatest advantage of using Hadoop is that it is an open source framework which is free to use and the fact is that it uses commodity hardware to store large quantities of data. The distributed computing model processes big data in an efficient manner.