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Big data and IoT

The IoT stands for Internet of Things and it entirely about devices, data, and connectivity. The main objective is to create smarter products, delivering intelligent insights and also providing new business outcomes. Because of the interconnection of the devices, there will be a massive inflow of Big Data. The data can be of any type such as structured, unstructured, images, contextual, dark data and real-time. Derivation of intelligence from the big data is the major key enabler for the smart devices and it is said to be the connector world.

The main goal is to harness the data from the sensor and contextual data in order to discover the patterns for the growth of business in a positive manner. The Internet of Things operates at the level of machine scale and produces machine-generated data. This data creates discrete observations at the high signal rates. Both IoT and big data are clearly growing each and every day and they have changed many areas of business. A recent report says that about fifty percent of IoT activity is focused in manufacturing, transportation, and smart city and consumer applications. Both service providers and the mobile operators are taking the IoT as their main foundation.