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The methods to defeat the scams are easy enough and therefore follow the given tips to protect your computer or a PC in an easy way.
The important one is minimizing your download. Ensure your Web security settings of the browser are having the high enough to detect the unapproved downloads. For the Internet Explorer, the average security setting is the lowest level to use.

Automatic updating is one of the important features. Windows Security Center authenticate that the automatic updating feature of the system is enabled and using approved Microsoft settings. If the automatic updating is not allowed, or if the settings vary from the approved settings, you will receive a notification and instructions on enabling the automatic updating and this is the simplest method to protect your system.

An Internet security setting is one of the easiest ways to protect the pc in an easy way. Windows Security Center checks the security settings that are combined with the Internet Explorer 7 and notifies you whenever your PC might be at risk from the settings that are minimum than the approved levels. Windows Security Center offers a button that you can use to improve the settings automatically or admit the Control Panel, where you can change the settings manually.