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Over last a few years back, the market for the computer and the using of smart phone are evolved fast. Many companies are working to make it slimmer, faster, better and with more features. At the same time, the hacking and viruses are also developed. If you are just expecting on an antivirus application to prevent you from the threats then you are putting yourself in a dangerous zone. Here some steps are given to protect your PC from threats.
Anti-virus plays an important role in protecting the system. It having the features of detecting the threats and assists the computer and protects your system safe and secure.

Install the Anti-Spyware software to your system to protect your computer PC. It is one of the software, which is designed to protect the system from external threats, and it is similar to the Anti-virus software. This software scans all the incoming data and assists in blocking the virus if once it detected.

Then the most simple and essential one is Firewall. This is act as a security guard for the computer. The function of the software is it creates a wall between the computer and with the unauthorized program, which is occurred from the Internet. So this firewall helps you to prevent from unauthorized programs.